Our Value Proposition

For future-focused educational establishments who support and drive learning through the deployment of  Information Technology, our E-WAN solution delivers fast, reliable, low cost bandwidth. Unlike the expensive, entrenched, oppressive and opaque leasing models of yesteryear, our solution helps education specialists manage their growth and budgets in a controlled and collaborative environment


The Pillars of our Value Proposition


Private high bandwidth wide area networks can deliver significant cost savings whilst simultaneously driving the development of bith learning and education. The cost-effective solutions designed by Atlantic Fiber Networks ensure great long-term educational returns on investment. The ability to forecast and secure fixed costs through the lifetime of the contracts provides great peace of mind for planners and practitioners alike. With comparatively low equipment upgrades, educational establishments are able to increase the speed of their network, safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Additionally our robust, on-demand network solutions offer greater performance at costs significantly under the leased services offered through traditional providers The potential for a server consolidation program also provides additional long-term cost savings. Consolidating hardware, service contracts and maintenance, school districts can reduce the costs of their IT infrastructure in the short, medium and long term. 


The ability to deliver scaled bandwidth on demand defines the educational network of the future. Our infinitely configurable networks allow our clients to adjust to the ever changing demands of the modern educational environment.  As our client’s needs grow and adapt, private high bandwidth managed WAN solutions evolve to match these required adjustments.   No matter how much speed a school district adds, the monthly costs remain stable long into the future. This applies to existing equipment and applications as well as those planned for future implementation.

Additionally, the capacity and reliability offered by the network has enabled us to offer unrestricted access to unlimited bandwidth thus expanding the range of services available.  Streamlined management simplifies network operations; as a result there is no additional complexity or overhead associated with privately managed Atlantic Fiber Network solution.  The inherent flexibility and financial advantages have led to the increasing adoption by school districts and other educational institutions of such innovative networking solutions


Atlantic Fiber Networks, Inc focuses exclusively in the design, and construction of dark fiber Wide Area Networks (WAN) for School Districts, libraries, hospitals, office parks, long-haul, middle-mile, and other ownership opportunities.   We are primed to capitalize on our significant core competencies surrounding the design and build of future proof fiber networks on time and under budget.  

Here at Atlantic Fiber Networks we continually strive to bring new ideas,  innovative technologies and novel approaches to the market. Our leading position in the field has evolved through this pioneering mindset. Our solid, safe , secure and proven techniques are complimented y the addition of next generation tools and techniques.


Private E-WAN solutions represent the most secure options available to schools. This is important when considering the vital and important legislation inherent in the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


The list of potential opportunities for educational integration and collaboration could include a swatch of the followinOne-to-one learning initiatives

  • Video seminars
  • Distance learning
  • Video on demand
  • Video conferencing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Online video libraries
  • Online teacher training
  • Voice Over IP telephony (VOIP)
  • Real-time video security monitoring