"Placing the need for education at our core, we serve as advocates for the investment in our future as a nation. From concept to completion we offer the highest value Educational Wide Area Networks (E-WANs) to our clients. We value our reputation and work to preserve it. We make these commitments with care and then live up to them, each and every day."



Atlantic Fiber Networks targets areas where there is currently not existing fiber infrastructure, decreasing over build potential while increasing the short term marketability and long term value of the asset.  Revenues are generated by multi-year contracts between Atlantic Fiber Networks and the School District or Service Provider.  Atlantic Fiber Networks offer solutions and additional fiber space to National and Regional Internet providers as well as local entities such as Government and Hospitals. 


Innovation through Experience

The solutions offered by AFN are built upon strong foundations. Our highly specialized network designs are built and operated by teams with direct experience in all relevant performance arenas. 


Education through investment

Our E-WAN solutions are the perfect platform to build the educational experience needed to inspire the children of our generation. E-WAN solutions help ignite the spark of innovation so vital in today's society.


Performance through Partnerships

Our solution partners provide strong financial capacity and champion innovative best practice in the field of educational information technology.


OUr Extensive solutions portfolio

  • Business Class Internet Access
  • Colocation Services
  • Dark Fiber Networks
  • Dark Fiber Services
  • Data Center Solutions
  • E-Rate Dark Fiber Solutions
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet WAN
  • Fiber Construction
  • Hosted IP
  • Hosted VOIP
  • Internet Access Services
  • IP Services
  • K-12 High Speed WAN Solutions

  • Lit Optical Fiber
  • Long Haul Services
  • Private Optical Networks
  • Metro E
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Private Optical Fiber
  • Private Wavelength
  • Sonet
  • Switched Ethernet
  • T1/T3 Access
  • TDM Transport
  • Video Transport
  • WAN Connectivity
  • Wavelength Services
  • Wireless Carrier Backhaul